Introducing Delaware On The Web - Version 2.0
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People have used Delaware On The Web millions of times to find local businesses.

Delaware On The Web is locally owned and operated in Newark, Delaware.

Serving thousands of Delaware businesses since 2001.

Connecting Delawareans with the best businesses for their specific needs.
Over 6,000 Businesses In Delaware And Counting...
With the new, we are much more selective about which businesses we feature than the previous site. For 15 years, Delaware On The Web was the largest and most utilized website directory in the state. To better serve our users, Version 2.0 will only feature those businesses which are considered among the best in Delaware.
The NEW is much more selective about which businesses we feature that our previous site.
If you received an email from us...
  • After 16 years, Delaware On The Web is updating to a new exclusive business directory with tons of new features.
  • This means multiple new streams of traffic coming to your business listing AND your website as a result of Delaware On The Web's massive web presence in the state.
  • Additionally, because your site has been featured on Delaware On The Web for years, you automatically qualify for enhanced listing, free upgrades and other extras.
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